🐐Revolutionizing Crypto Escrows

Escrows (and payments) today are broken..

Imagine a world where your payments aren't just transactions but smart, programmable assets- with Denota this is now possible. Denota allows people to send programmable money envelopes called Notas which unlocks brand new ways of sending and receiving money. We believe Notas increase trust, transparency, and unlock new payment functionalities.

We've spent more than a year thinking about and addressing the issues with crypto payments today- namely user protections. Our journey has yielded a number of interesting insights and solutions that we believe will push the space forward in a meaningful way. We don't have all the answers but we believe that Denota is one big step towards our mission of crypto mainstream adoption.

Overview of Denota

The protocol that powers Denota and it's ecosystem. It consists of 3 main parts: the Nota primitive which represents payment, the Registrar which escrows tokens and issues Notas, and lastly Nota hooks which programs each Nota's collateral and ownership. Since Notas are NFTs they also carry metadata like images, documents, payment conditions, and more.

The Denota SDK allows developers to integrate Denota Protocol quickly and easily into their project. It uses an NPM JavaScript package which can be used in both frontend and backend environments. It includes ways to fetch existing Nota's and make creating/interacting with them simpler.

NotaPay is the first application being built using the Denota protocol and SDK. It a simple interface for non-technical people to send and receive Notas focusing first on helping freelancers avoid getting scammed and receive the pay they deserve. It includes a number of UX features like ENS resolution with many more planned.

Join our Community!

Whether you're a developer, freelancer, degen, investor or something else, we'd love to hear from you. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us to serve you better- so do not hesitate to reach out! Here are some ways you can:

Twitter: Connect with us on Twitter @DenotaLabs. Feel free to tweet us your questions or send us a direct message.

Discord: For real-time conversations, join our community on Discord. You can ask your questions and interact with other users and our team members. Here's the invite link to our Discord server.

Telegram: you can contact me directly here.

Converse/XMTP: Through my personal address.

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