✉️The Nota Primitive

Programable money envelopes!

The center of the Denota ecosystem are the NFTs we call Notas. You can think of them as an envelope that holds funds and can't be opened or transferred until certain conditions are met. Notas are claims to escrowed funds and act as a way to enforce an onchain payment agreement. If someone sends you a Nota with escrowed tokens it not only proves they had the funds to send you, it proves their intention to do so publicly. Since NFTs are transferrable they can be sent, leveraged, sold, and collected.

Every Nota has encoded who owns it, how much is locked inside, and a reference to the payment terms (hook) that controls it. The hook can also contain custom data that is relevant to it like who can reverse the payment and when, a description of the hook, and any other metadata like images or URLs. Notas are collectible and brand-able for this reason and function out of the box with wallets and NFT marketplaces.

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