NotaPay App

Payments on your terms!
NotaPay is a simple to use app for sending and receiving Notas. Although we believe that anyone can use the app for a lot of different things, we see freelancers as the user with the most dire need. We have personal experience as freelancers and how payment works now needs a lot of improvement.

Scams, under-payment, and late pay

These are just a few of the challenges freelancers face when managing their work. They lack trust with new clients and have to negotiate pay either upfront or after they are done working. Getting paid upfront is difficult since clients have more power and may not trust you yet, but getting paid after means trusting a "pinky promise" which can mean being scammed without any recourse.

Why use NotaPay?

NotaPay adds trust, transparency, and clear payment terms for your work.
  • Proof-of-Funds: Freelancers know that their client has the money since it is escrowed first
  • Proof-of-Intent: Freelancers can publicly prove their client intended to pay them
  • Clear payment terms: NotaPay explains who can release the payment and when
  • Customizable: Freelancers and their Clients can agree on who and what they trust for disputes
  • Simple: NotaPay is a no-nonsense interface for sending and tracking payments to save you time
  • Free: Freelance platforms often charge 10-20% for a service like while NotaPay is free
The web app is still under construction but can be viewed here.