🪝Nota Hooks

Permissionless revenue generation

Each Nota references a hook that determines when a nota can be written, transferred, funded, or cashed, approved, and what to return when querying it's tokenURI. The hook's logic specifies conditions attached to the payment, such as allowing the buyer to unilaterally cancel the payment with a partial discount.

Denota protocol allows developers to create custom hooks to address specific use cases or implement unique business logic. By following the interface, you can create and deploy a custom hook will leverage and benefit all existing users at once. Developers can optionally set fees for whenever their hook is called. This allows front-ends to collect fees onchain while giving users ways to avoid them if needed. The design space for what payment modules can do is massive and we expect a variety of use cases to be unlocked due to how flexible, and easy it is to to create.

Current Hooks

Reversible Release

Allows the payer to choose the inspector who is then allowed to release the escrow to the owner OR back to the payer. Supports document and image attachment.

Simple Cash

Enables two-step payments much like a cheque that needs to be cashed by the owner. Supports document and image attachment.

Direct Send

Sends an image and a document along with a record of how much was paid.

And more coming soon!

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