Denota SDK

dApp integration made fast and easy
The Denota SDK was made to allow engineers without blockchain experience to integrate Denota Protocol without having to worry about how the proverbial "blocks" are made. It is also intended to save developers time even if they do have experience with some amazing convenience functions and additional features we will be adding/improving over time.


The two main features offered is the ability to query for existing Notas and convenience functions for creating/interacting with them. Nota queries are supported by our Graph node (with an open source subgraph) while convenience functions are maintained by us for contract deployment information, argument formatting, and function calling.

How It Works

Creating and viewing a Nota

Decentralized Storage

A key innovation for NFTs was the ability to reference images offchain that are linked to the assets onchain. To make the developer experience even easier, we allow uploads of your documents that are securely published to IPFS and other decentralized storage providers as well. It is currently encrypted by default using Lighthouse with other options planned to be added in the future.